Working with the Meldcode

The Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Meldcode (Meldcode) is a step-by-step plan in which, for example, a general practitioner, childcare worker, teacher or care provider must deal with the identification and reporting of (suspicion of) domestic violence and child abuse.

The compulsory Meldcode stipulates that organizations and self-employed professionals in the education, health care, childcare, social support, sports, youth care and justice sectors must have a Meldcode and must promote its use.

Basic Model Meldcode

Every organization and independent working professional who works with parents and/or children must develop their own Meldcode. The starting point for this is the Basic Model Meldcode. It contains the following five steps:

  1. Mapping signals.
  2. Consult with a colleague. And possibly consulting Safe Statia Portal: the advice and reporting center for domestic violence and child abuse. Or an expert in the field of injury indication.
  3. Conversation with the person (s) involved.
  4. Weighing of domestic violence or child abuse. And when in doubt always consult for advise at Safe Statia Portal.
  5. Decide on organizing help by yourself or reporting to Safe Statia Portal so they take further steps.

Tightening step 4 and 5 as of 1 January 2019
With effect from 1 January 2019, a tadjustment of steps 4 and 5 of the Meldcode applies.

In step 4, based on the information from step 1 to 3, you weigh up whether you suspect domestic violence or child abuse. In doing so, you determine whether there is an acute or structural unsafe situation. This is done by an assessment framework.

In step 5 you take two decisions:

1. Is reporting to Safe Statia Portal necessary?

Reporting is necessary if there is acute or structural unsafe situation.

2. Is it possible to provide or organize help?

Assistance is possible if:

  • the professional is able to offer or organize effective/appropriate help.
  • the people involved cooperate with the instructions/organized help.
  • the aid leads to sustainable safety.

If providing assistance on the basis of one of these points is not possible, reporting to Safe Statia Portal is necessary.

I need help

I have doubts about what is happening to me. I want to discuss it with someone neutral.

I am worried about someone

I am a professional/relative/friend/neighbor, and I want to discuss a situation.

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